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Lars Von Trierin sarjamurhaajaleffa The House That Jack Built on herättänyt tunteita Cannesissa.

This morning, IFC Films dropped the first ever trailer for Lars von Trier‘s The House That Jack Built, featuring Matt Dillon (“Wayward Pines”) as a serial killer who views each of his murders as a work of art. It looked vicious, but also quirky in the way of American Psycho. I was instantly sold. Now, on the eve of its Cannes premiere, I would do just about anything to see this movie NOW.

Hundreds allegedly walked out of the screening after what is being described as “vomitive,” “torturous”, and “vile”. *Spoiler warning* Without having seen the film, it’s hard to know if there’s a bit of an overreaction here. When does horror go too far? Can fiction ever truly go too far? The tweets shared below touch on child murder, mutilation, and more. It sounds hardcore, but us horror fans have seen it all. Just how far does von Trier take it and, more importantly, why? Being offended is 2018 in a nutshell, which is why it’s hard to take the word of a bunch of adults watching a movie dressed in tuxedoes. We’ll all find out for ourselves soon enough and then we can dissect the merits of this slasher film. For now, the hype has just hit the ceiling…

Antichrist director Lars von Trier has returned to the horror genre, this time featuring Matt Dillon (“Wayward Pines”) as a serial killer who views each of his murders as a work of art.

The first trailer for The House That Jack Built is here and it’s a doozy. Jam-packed with spoilers, this first trailer promises von Trier’s next is a full-blown slasher that seems to live within the spirit of American Psycho, but also reminds me of both Henry and the Wolf Creek sequel. The film looks like it’s purposely on-the-nose, wearing its metaphors and social commentary right on its sleeve. The kills – oh the kills! – they’re impressively creative, which bodes well for a film about a serial killer creating art. This looks like a slasher fan’s wet dream…

Uma Thurman (Kill Bill), Bruno Ganz (Downfall), and Riley Keough (Mad Max: Fury Road) also star with South Korean actor, Yu Ji-tae, best known to us genre fans as the antagonist in Park Chan-wook’s 2003 hardboiled thriller Oldboy.

“The House That Jack Built takes place in 1970s USA. We follow the highly intelligent Jack through 5 incidents and are introduced to the murders that define Jack’s development as a serial killer. We experience the story from Jack’s point of view. He views each murder as an artwork in itself, even though his dysfunction gives him problems in the outside world. Despite the fact that the final and inevitable police intervention is drawing ever near (which both provokes and puts pressure on Jack) he is – contrary to all logic – set on taking greater and greater chances. Along the way we experience Jack’s descriptions of his personal condition, problems and thoughts through a recurring conversation with the unknown Verge – a grotesque mixture of sophistry mixed with an almost childlike self-pity and in-depth explanations of, for Jack, dangerous and difficult maneuvers.”


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